Are you ready for some Bunny Love?

If you are new to rabbits or only had rabbits when your were a child, we urge you to do your research to find out if rabbits really are a good pet for you and your family.

Things to Consider:
  • Adopting any pet means a lifetime commitment to that animal!  Hopefully, you will enjoy your rabbit companion for the next 10-12 yrs.

  • Rabbits require an attentive adult parent.  As a prey animal,  they do not advertise when they do not feel well.

  • If you will be moving, starting school, getting married or starting a family make sure that your new rabbit is able to stay with you and be part of your long-term plans.

  • Consider Allergies. Is anyone in your home allergic to hay or fur dander?
What to Expect:
  • If there is one thing to expect from a rabbit it will be the unexpected!  That is what makes them such delightful companions!

  • A bunny’s mood is for the moment and is absolutely no indication of what it will be in the next five seconds.   The minute you think you have your rabbit figured out; he will put you to shame with contradiction.

  • Rabbits are fascinatingly intelligent animals. Fully capable of developing a close relationship with their human.  Just as long as it is on their terms!

  • So, if you think you would like to own be owned by a rabbit, we would like to say:


Welcome to the
World of Bunnies!







Just waiting for you . . . .

All our adoptables are spayed or neutered, are litterbox trained and just hoping you'll come along to welcome them into your family.   All rabbits are housed with foster families in private homes, so visits must be scheduled.   

Ready to Adopt? 
 Please read through our Adoption Policy  and fill out our Adoption Application today! Note: Hover over the smal photos and they will appear in the larger top space.


This gorgeous, blue-eyed Dutch girl is a charmer who really loves attention!

Found abandoned in a very dangerous area near a major highway, Rosalie's fortune was turned around when a good samaritan took the time to help her and alerted us about her situation. Very frightened and seeming to know she was in danger, Rosalie laid down by the carrier brought to bring her to safety as if to say "Get me out of here! Please!" .

With an approximate birthdate of Nov 12, 2015, Rosalie is an inquisitive, cautious, and very friendly young bunny. She has near perfect litterbox skills and loves to eat! Underweight when first rescued, she now is the perfect weight with a hearty appetite. Rosalie still is easily frightened by loud sudden noises and prefers a home without dogs.

If you are interested in meeting Rosalie, please fill out our on-line application and someone will call you to set up a visit appointment.   Rosalie can't wait to meet you!


If you are looking for an easy-going bun, you are looking for LIz! You can see the personality in her eyes!   So happy to be freed from life in a cage,  this young sweetie is so happy to be able to run around and play.

Liz is full of fun and loves investigating her new surroundings.   She has taken to being a housebunny like a pro, using her litterbox and eating her greens and hay with gusto. She is young - given a birthdate estimate of Feb 28, 2014, spayed and ready for her new home.

Her beautiful grey and white fur is getting soft and fluffy now that she is on a proper diet and she is loving all the people attention she had been missing.   We just know Liz would make a wonderful addition to your family.

If you are interested in meeting Lizzie, please fill out our on-line application and someone will call you to set up a visit appointment.   She looks forward to meeting you!


Hard to believe anyone could even think of putting this sweet young lady out on the curb with a sign that read "Free Rabbit". How cruel! But, thankfully, a very kind neighbor knew how much danger she was in and took her in until a safe place could be found.

Trudy was a little fearful when first rescued (who could blame her), but she rebounded quickly and is now much calmer and trusting of people. In fact, she is always watching to see who might come over to her. She accepts pets willingly and even enjoys sitting on your lap. And, she has gorgeous blue eyes!

Trudy is excellent with using her litterbox and especially loves her salads! She is just 4.2 lbs. with a guesstimate birthday of September 18, 2015.   Wouldn't you love to have her hopping around your home? She is already spayed and ready to join you!   

Please fill out our adoption application and come meet Trudy.   She can't wait to meet you!


Surrendered by an owner who was badly injured and could no longer care for her animals, Cubby has come a long way since coming into rescue. Even though he was almost a year old, he seemed to be underdeveloped and malnurished when surrendered. But once he discovered the proper food for bunnies, and learned to eat his veggies, Cubby soon blossomed into a very fuzzy, energetic little guy!!

Cubby was not used to being handled or picked up properly, but he is learning that is ok too. Cubby will need an owner with some experience and patience. He is fine about being brushed and combed - and he will need a lot of that! But, he likes to look his best and seems to enjoy someone fussing over him.

Based on previous owner's information, we gave Cubby a birthday of August 30, 2015.  He is just waiting to hear someone say "I want to adopt him!"    

Please fill out our adoption application and come meet Cubby.   He can't wait to meet you!


Carly (born July 7, 2015) is playful, energetic and very curious!  She especially loves running around her pen playing.  And what fun she has reorganizing everything! No matter how many times you place something in one spot of her pen she will move it to the other side since that is where she likes it!

Carly will remain small in size (approx. 3.5 lbs). She is just waiting for you to come along and fall in love with her. Her shiny black fur is so beautiful!

If you would love to have Carly as part of your family,   please fill out our application and arrange to come visit her!  


Personality plus!   Another sibling, born July 7, 2015, Little Miss Ashley is always looking for something fun to do!

Like her sisters,  Ashley is very sweet and loves attention.   Her strikingly beautiful black & white coat is accented with a delightfully cute black stripe near her nose!   Ashley is expected to mature to about 3.5 lbs.

If you love a fun loving bun,  please fill out our application and arrange to come visit Miss Ashley.  

Andy**Special Needs

This youngster is MaryAnne's little boy!   A very sweet gorgeous gray with that lusious mini-rex fur.   We gave Andy a June 1, 2014 birthday. 

Andy is super good with his litterbox skills and you should see him eat hay!   And,  yes he also loves his salad greens as well.   

Andy loves to explore and check out things around him.   He is very good about not chewing on his soft blankets in his pen.  And,  he loves that he can get great binkies on them!

**Andy does have digestive issues that will require an attentive, experienced owner.**

If you are interested in meeting Andy, please fill out our on-line application and someone will call you to set up a visit appointment. You'll be happy you did!

Jill - Special Needs

Sweet and sassy!  This spunky cutie pie will surely keep you entertained with her adorable antics. 

Jill has excellent litterbox skills, and keeps a tidy pen.   She eats well and especially loves her salads.  An active, curious youngster, Jill can hardly stay still for very long. 

Jill loves attention and doesn't even mind being brushed.   It makes her gorgeous agouti back half sparkle!  Jill loves to be petted and will snuggle down for love and cuddles very willingly. 

Jill was born approximately June 1, 2012.   She does have a minor dental issue and will need on-going molar spur trims approx. every three months.   But we know you will love her youngster enthusiasm!   She sure will try to keep you entertained!  Please come visit her to see for yourself.

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