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Please read: As a courtesy service for those owners who find themselves in a position of needing to find new homes for their rabbits or for private rescuers who do not have their own website, Safe Haven is offering this space. The adoption of a rabbit listed in this section is considered to be a 'private adoption'(1) to be conducted between the owner and potential adopter.

(1) Any rabbits found, adopted through, or listed as a 'private adoption' are the sole responsibility of the current owner and/or the adopting party. Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue, Inc. accepts no responsibility for any liability or for any injury or damages to any person or property caused by any listed animal, as well as any cause of action, claims, suits or demands whatsoever that may arise as a result of such injury or damage. Adopters must understand that they are adopting from the current owner not Safe Haven as we do not know these animals or their medical conditions past or present.

Owners wishing to list: Please fill out our on-line application

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Beautiful 6 yr. old, neutered male lionhead. Trained to pee in a litter box. Has never been caged. Has a hutch playpen home he is free to go in and out of. Lives in a household with cats and dogs. Hutch, playpen and litter box with one month supply will be provided with him. He is looking for a nice home to live out his golden years. Due to a new baby and a new apartment we can no longer keep our beloved Mo. Named Mo for his Mohawk.

Mo currently resides in Madison, NJ 07940

For information about adopting Mo, please contact Ashley via emailid:
Ashleypep86@gmail.com or phone 973-295-2055


Another gorgeous little Jersey Wooly girl, also rescued in the Hampton, NJ SPCA case, Jessie is known now for being super neat! We guess she knows how important that is. She does like her things to be where she likes them and will move her litterbox to the middle of her pen should you forget!

Jessie can be a tad shy when you first meet her, but who could blame her. She is very easy to handle and excellent with using her litterbox. Jessie may look big in these pictures, but what you are seeing is just her very fluffy coat. Jessie is a lean lady under all that gorgeous fluff!

Jessie is already spayed and so wanting her own forever home that she can decorate (and then maybe redecorate). Still very young,we gave Jessie a birthdate of January 26, 2016.

She is being fostered in Lebanon, NJ. For information about adopting Jessie, please contact Alice via email: critterexpert@yahoo.com

Vern - a.k.a."Rascal"
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Did someone mention "cute"....maybe even "super cute? Well, take a look at little Vern! Also known as "Rascal", he is a bunny on a mission. A mission to enjoy life and always keep busy! Vern loves to check things out and likes to be a little guy on the move. We had a hard time getting these pictures, but he does take a break once in a while!

If you are looking for an inquisitive, fun-loving bundle of fluff, you'll just have to meet Vern! Vern is already neutered and can't wait to find someone to share his life with. Also given a birthdate of March 26, 2016, Earl was another one of the many bunnies rescued in the August Hampton case.

He is being fostered in Lebanon, NJ. For information about adopting Vern, please contact Alice via email: critterexpert@yahoo.com


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Hi, my name is Mocha.   My current owner found me in the corner of the habitat in a pet store where I was being pushed away by the other rabbits.   I don't know why they would steal all of my food and push me away.  Maybe because I’m so handsome?

Anyway, I found a great home where I have lots of love, great food and lots of pets.  But unfortunately, my owner will finish his study soon, and he can't take me with him back to his country.  He is very sad, but needs me to find a new home that will love and care for me with as much love. 

I am a very good boy who loves to eat and loves nose rubbing.   I will push my nose to your finger whenever I am close to you.   I am litter trained, so I promise to keep my pen and areas very, very clean.   I will be a good pet that can bring peace to you.

Mocha currently resides in Cherry Hill, NJ 08002. He is approx. 1 and a half years old and neutered.

Please contact Hoa -
via hoahuynh2010vn@gmail.com

for more information.