Tips for Owners:

Be patient. It may take a few months to find a good, indoor home for your pet.   But, certainly your rabbit is worth the effort.

Send two or three quality pictures as emall attachments after filling out your application.   A successful listing will provide a detailed narrative describing your pet's personality and an attractive picture.   Please be honest in your narrative.   A potential adopter should be aware of any health or behavioral issues that may exist.

Interview the prospective adopters to ensure they will provide a good home for your pet. We recommend charging a nominal fee ($20-$30) to discourage snake owners who are looking for food for their snakes.   Never offer your rabbit for 'free' !

Spay or Neuter your rabbit!!! - Not only is this important for health reasons, it will improve behavior and adoptability.

Do not under any circumstance turn your rabbit loose. Not only is it against the law, it is a certain death sentence for your rabbit. Your pet rabbit is a domestic animal totally dependent on a human for survival. They do not have the instincts or physical characteristics needed to survive on their own.

Tips for Potential Adopters:

First, THANK YOU for your interest in  becoming a rabbit owner. If you are new to house rabbits, we welcome you.   You will find rabbits are not only wonderful, indoor companions, they will delight and intrigue you with their personalities and antics.

Whether you adopt from Safe Haven or through our private adoption program, or anywhere else, we are always here to help answer any questions you may have about your new companion. Do not hesitate to contact us for information about caring for your new companion or locating a veterinarian knowledgeable in rabbit medicine and care in your area.

We encourage you to ask questions!


 Private Adoption Listing

Owner Listing Agreement

Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue receives many calls and emails from owners who can no longer provide a home for their rabbits. As a small organization, it is impossible for us to bring all of these unwanted rabbits into our foster program, but we also feel a need to try and help.

For the sake of these rabbits, Safe Haven is offering, for a small ($20) donation , the opportunity for owners to list their rabbits both on our website and on Petfinder in the hopes that they will have a chance of finding a good home. This program has become known as our 'Private Adoption Program'.

Safe Haven will not be involved in private adoptions as these rabbits are not considered Safe Haven foster rabbits.   All adoption proceedings will occur between the current owner and the potential adopter. Listings will be maintained for a maximum of one year.

Below is the application for this program.  We thank you for taking this step.  We know how important it is to find a new home for your rabbit when you are no longer able to provide for them.  We hope you will find this program to be a big help.   Please fill this application out completely.   Safe Haven will not use this information for any purpose other than to contact you, if need be, and to complete the information needed for listing your rabbit for adoption.   The only personal information which will be posted on our website and Pet Finder will be your first name, email address, City and State name.   Phone number information will be listed as a means of contact only if you so indicate permission through this form.  

You must fill out a form for each rabbit to be listed, unless they are a bonded pair.

*First Name:
*Last Name:
*Email Id:
*Do you give permission
for listing of your phone number?

 Telephone Number:
Rabbit's Information
Approximate Age:
*Please provide a brief narrative about your rabbit.  This is what will be used on the websites.  Be sure to include personality traits:

As the owner of this rabbit being listed, I understand and agree to the following:


  1. Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue, Inc. will not be involved in the adoption of my rabbit.  I understand that the only role they are providing is the listing my rabbit as available for adoption on their website and on PetFinder.org

  2. Potential Adopters will contact me directly

  3. As a listing owner, I release Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue, Inc., its officers and representatives, from any liability or responsibility associated with any aspects of this private adoption.

  4. I will notify SHRR when the rabbit has been adopted or is no longer available for adoption. If rabbit is not adopted within six months, SHRR will contact the owner for a status and listing update.

I understand / agree:


Listing Fee: The one-time listing fee of $20 is requested. This donation will be used toward veterinary expenses of SHRR foster rabbits.

Please contact fundraising@SafeHavenRR.org if you need to make changes to any information (i.e. phone number, address, rabbit information) while your rabbit is listed with us.

Payment can be made via PayPal:

Or by mailing a check or money order made payable to:
Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue, Inc.
PO Box 5057, Clinton, NJ 08809

Please send one or two pictures as an email attachment (.jpg or .gif only)or mail photos to the PO Box above. - Keep in mind that attractive pictures draw more attention. I will be happy to do minor editing, i.e. remove red-eye, if needed.

Listing will be posted upon receipt of PayPal payment or check.

Best wishes to both you and your bunny!