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Shopping for Greens is Fun!  (I snuck in the carrot :)


Our parent's read everything on the list! 

There is nothing better than a tummy full of good food, a warm, safe place & friends for company!


Helpful Links to help you care for your rabbit.
 As always, please feel free to email us with your questions.

Is A Rabbit the Right Pet for You?

Diet Information


Sources of Supplies

Bunny Bytes - Outfitters of the Urban Rabbit

Binky Bunny

Rabbit Rescue, Inc. - their Shop

The Busy Bunny

For Other Living Things


Rabbit Habitats

Now that you decided a rabbit is the right pet for you,  you must be wondering where he will stay within your home.....


Thinking of getting your rabbit a friend?

Health Topics

Emergency Preparedness

Wild bunnies