If you are unable to adopt, but still would like to express your support and love for a rabbit, our
Sponsorship program
is the perfect way to go!

  All the bunnies in our foster care program, whether they be "Adoptables", "Special Needs" or "Sanctuary" need a little extra love - from you!





Whether you need a Special Gift,
birthday gift or rememberance, or just want to
bring some cheer tp someone or somebun;

a Sponsorship Card from one of our Bunnies is the
perfect solution!

Select Your Favorite Bunny below,
then Click the Sponsor now and fill out the form !

Spunky and smart,  Jill especially loves her run time out of the pen!  She has been having dental issues but having you as a sponsor will help

make going to the vet a little more comforting knowing that you care!

Jill is also Adoptable!  More info...

Since losing his beloved "Biggles", Danny is still a little sad, but he is doing ok with the extra attention he loves. (A few treats doesn't hurt either! Danny would be very happy to hear you are sponsoring him too!

andy1This little cutie pie came to Safe Haven in 2014 with his Momma. Andy is a super soft little mini-rex boy who would love to recieve

your Sponsorship!   We know he will show a few extra binkies of joy!
Andy is also Adoptable!  More info...

Lacey came to us in July 2006.  The trauma of her abandonment developed into behavorial issues. Therefore, her permanent home is with us.

Sponsorships always brighten her day and we can almost see her smile!

Lacey is one of our Sanctuary Bunnies

This blue-eyed beauty has been with us since 2005. EC positive, her chances for adoption are slim, but she has a home with us as long as she needs it.

Having a Sponsor would make her very happy and she hopes it will be you!

LiAnne is one of our Sanctuary Bunnies

                Geri & Dean
photo1These two babies were heartlessly abandoned in the sweltering August heat.

Luckily we were alerted about their plight and were successful in bringing them into safety.

They have a lot of growing up to do and having a Sponsor would make them as happy as can be! We hope you will help them grow!
LiAnne is one of our Sanctuary Bunnies