Sponsorship Program
Need a gift for that hard to buy for someone?

We have just the thing!      Sponsor A Bunny!

Your gift will not only delight the recipient, it will brighten the day for the very special bunny that you choose!   Drop-down menus allow selection of Holiday or Non-Holiday, i.e. Birthday, In Memory of, etc.   Choose your bunny today!!    Thank You!

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Saturday,  July 14, 2018
12 Noon - 2 pm

More Details....

We have lots of bunnies available for adoption!  

Visit our "Adopt" page as well as our "Privately Owned Rabbits" page for details about the rabbits available.

Are you an owner needing to re-home you rabbit?
Check out our Private Adoption Listing Service.

Other Ways to Help

I've received several requests to create a special section where remembrances could be expressed.  

So, for all of those who wish,  we offer our Memorial Section.   

Latest Rescue......

This little beauty was abandoned during the past harsh winter..... and she shows physical signs of the rough ordeal she had to endure.   Why do people think domestic rabbits will do ok on their own?   They do NOT!   And it is a very cruel reality all too often.

Luckily,  "Alayna" was rescued by a few very caring people who managed to catch her and bring her to safety.    Although she shows physical scars,   her nature and personality do not  indicate a rough history.   She is absolutely bubbly and loving.   She melts for pets and is ever seeking attention!     We will give her time to gain weight and strength prior to spaying.    If you are looking for a lovable,  little girl (4 lbs.),   keep your eye on "Alayna"!