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All our adoptables are spayed or neutered, are litterbox trained and just hoping you'll come along to welcome them into your family. All rabbits are housed with foster families in private homes, so visits must be scheduled.

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Trudy "Adopted!"

Hard to believe anyone could even think of putting this sweet young lady out on the curb with a sign that read "Free Rabbit". How cruel! But, thankfully, a very kind neighbor knew how much danger she was in and took her in until a safe place could be found. Trudy was a little fearful when first rescued (who could blame her), but she rebounded quickly and is now much calmer and trusting of people. In fact, she is always watching to see who might come over to her. She accepts pets willingly and even enjoys sitting on your lap. And, she has gorgeous blue eyes! Trudy is excellent with using her litterbox and especially loves her salads! She is just 4.2 lbs. with a guesstimate birthday of September 18, 2015.   Wouldn't you love to have her hopping around your home? She is already spayed and ready to join you! Please fill out our adoption application and come meet Trudy.   She can't wait to meet you!


If you are looking for an easy-going bun, you are looking for LIz! You can see the personality in her eyes! So happy to be freed from life in a cage, this young sweetie is so happy to be able to run around and play. Liz is full of fun and loves investigating her new surroundings. She has taken to being a housebunny like a pro, using her litterbox and eating her greens and hay with gusto. She is young - given a birthdate estimate of Feb 28, 2014, spayed and ready for her new home. Her beautiful grey and white fur is getting soft and fluffy now that she is on a proper diet and she is loving all the people attention she had been missing. We just know Liz would make a wonderful addition to your family. If you are interested in meeting Lizzie, please fill out our on-line application and someone will call you to set up a visit appointment. She looks forward to meeting you!


This gorgeous, blue-eyed Dutch girl is a charmer who really loves attention! Found abandoned in a very dangerous area near a major highway,  Rosalie's fortune was turned around when a good samaritan took the time to help her and alerted us about her situation.  Very frightened and seeming to know she was in danger, Rosalie laid down by the carrier brought to bring her to safety as if to say "Get me out of here!  Please!" . With an approximate birth date of Nov 12, 2015, Rosalie is an inquisitive, cautious, and very friendly young bunny.  She has near perfect litterbox skills and loves to eat!  Underweight when first rescued, she now is the perfect weight with a hearty appetite. Rosalie still is easily frightened by loud sudden noises and prefers a home without dogs. If you are interested in meeting Rosalie, please fill out our on-line application and someone will call you to set up a visit appointment.   Rosalie can't wait to meet you!

Gerry & Deana

This adorable, brother and sister, bonded pair are as sweet as can be!  Abandoned as very young babies, these two were lucky a caring neighbor looked out for them until they could be caught and brought to safety. Given an approximate June 10, 2016 birthday, these youngsters are all ready for their forever home. Both have exceptional litterbox skills and are great eaters!   They will stay small with a current weight of just 3.6 lbs. Gerry and Deana share everything and are often seen cuddling very close to each other. They are inseparable :). If you think one bunny is cute, you will have double cuteness with a bonded pair! If you would love to have Gerry and Deana as part of your family,   please fill out our application and arrange to come visit them!


  This little sweetie was another one someone set free to fend for herself in the middle of winter.   Luckily, Holly sought shelter in a very caring couple's yard.  Frightened, but wanting to trust, Holly allowed them to approach her and ate the food they left out, but was just too fast for them to catch. She had a lot of people worrying about her, but finally on April 2nd, we were able to catch her.   Just the day before she almost fell prey to neighborhood cats!  Holly loves attention and is always one begging for a pet or two; or maybe a treat from anyone who comes near her pen.   She is excellent with using her litterbox and even though only 4.02 lbs., she can eat more hay than bunnies twice her size! We gave Holly a birthday of April 2, 2015 and she hopes she can spend her next birthday with you! Please fill out our adoption application and come meet Holly.   She can't wait to meet you!


Personality plus!    Born July 7, 2015, Little Miss Ashley is always looking for something fun to do! Ashley is very sweet and loves attention and she also has an adventurous side!   Her strikingly beautiful black & white coat is accented with a delightfully cute black stripe near her nose!   Ashley is on the smaller side only about 3.5 lbs.   She is excellent with using her litterbox.    She enjoys playing in her cardboard boxes and paper bags,  but will quickly hurry over to see what you might be offering. If you love a fun loving bun,  please fill out our application and arrange to come visit Miss Ashley !