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All our adoptables are spayed or neutered, are litterbox trained and just hoping you'll come along to welcome them into your family. All rabbits are housed with foster families in private homes, so visits must be scheduled.

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Hard to believe anyone could even think of putting this sweet young lady out on the curb with a sign that read "Free Rabbit". How cruel! But, thankfully, a very kind neighbor knew how much danger she was in and took her in until a safe place could be found.

Trudy is always watching to see who might come over to her.   She just Loves attention!    She thinks there is nothing better than a scratch on the ears or a few loving pets.   Of course,  an occasional treat is appreciated too!   She also loves her time out of the pen to romp through the living room and explore areas of the house.   She also seems to really like relaxing on her favorite couch!

Trudy is excellent with using her litterbox and especially loves her salads!   She is just 4.2 lbs. with a guesstimate birthday of September 18, 2015.   Wouldn't you love to have her hopping around your home? She is already spayed and ready to join you!  Did we mention she has absolutely gorgeous blue eyes?

Please fill out our adoption application and come meet Trudy.   She can't wait to meet you!


Hank will be sure to make you smile with his silly personality and friendly nature.

Rescued by a fellow rescuer from an outdoor hutch situation in the freezing January weather,  Hank seems to want to please.   He quickly learned what a litterbox was for.   And,  learned all about hay - which he never saw before.

Hank loves people attention.   Visitors always remark about how cute and friendly he is.   He is really tries to get attention when anyone is around.  We gave Hank a January 30, 2018 birthday.  He is excellent with her litterbox,  and an excellent eater.    If you would like to meet Hank,  please fill out our application and arrange to come for a visit!


Sweet Caroline!     This poor little girl was almost turned out in the cold by thoughtless college students!!   Thankfully, one thought that was not a good idea and took her home.  We hear she lived in a closet since colleges do not allow rabbits - of course, not!   In such poor condition when we took her in on Jan. 12th, her rescue pictures were too upsetting to post.    But,  now she is cleaned-up,  spayed,  healthy and ready for a loving home.

Caroline will require someone who has the time to maintain her lovely, long fur.   And,  she does have a bit of a weepy left eye.  We expect that to be a chronic condition that will just require attention and cleaning on a regular basis.   But, she is an absolute delight of a bunny and an excellent hay eater!




Personality plus! Born July 7, 2015, Little Miss Ashley is always looking for something fun to do!

Ashley is a spunky girl with an adventurous side!   Her strikingly beautiful black & white coat is accented with a delightfully cute black stripe near her nose!   Ashley is on the smaller side only about 4 lbs.   She is excellent with using her litterbox.    She enjoys playing in her cardboard boxes and paper bags,  but will quickly hurry over to see what you might be offering.

Ashley has been having issues with bladder sludge lately and so requires an experienced owner who is comfortable administering sq fluids.   But,  if you love a fun loving bun,  please fill out our application and arrange to come visit Miss Ashley.

Boom Boom

An adorable Holland Lop neutered male, Boom Boom was born 7/3/2017.  This little guy is sweet as he looks.   He loves attention and lots of pets.  Booms is excellent with using his litterbox and is a good eater.   Weighing just 4.5 lbs, Booms is just a little bundle of cute!!

Enjoy this little video of him.   How cute is that??

Please fill out our adoption application and come meet Boom Boom.   He can't wait to meet you!