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Please read: As a courtesy service for those owners who find themselves in a position of needing to find new homes for their rabbits or for private rescuers who do not have their own website, Safe Haven is offering this space. The adoption of a rabbit listed in this section is considered to be a 'private adoption'(1) to be conducted between the owner and potential adopter.

(1) Any rabbits found, adopted through, or listed as a 'private adoption' are the sole responsibility of the current owner and/or the adopting party. Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue, Inc. accepts no responsibility for any liability or for any injury or damages to any person or property caused by any listed animal, as well as any cause of action, claims, suits or demands whatsoever that may arise as a result of such injury or damage. Adopters must understand that they are adopting from the current owner not Safe Haven as we do not know these animals or their medical conditions past or present.

Owners wishing to list: Please fill out our Private Adoption Application.



"Thumper" is well domesticated and accustomed to the sounds around him at home.  He is quiet, but makes his needs (for food) known by thumping a hind leg.  He likes to move about on his own and does not like being handled (for example he gets impatient when I clip his nails).

Thumper becomes very perky when I enter his room, especially in the morning, and during the day he is content to laze around.  He really looks cute when he yawns.   I have been his owner for 10 years and he recently had a vet check up.  She said he is in good health for a rabbit his age.  His muscle tone is good and he seems to have little to no hip arthritis. His eating habits are very regular as is his digestion.   She encouraged more hay to keep his teeth in good shape.

Thumper currently resides in Ewing, New Jersey.   For more information about Thumper, contact Chris via email or phone:  609-802-2073



Did we mention super cute?     Born March 14,  2018, Butters is a bit on the shy side.   But we hope you are looking for a sweet girl who you can lavish attention on to make her just melt down for pets.    Once you see Butters we are sure you will be the one who just melts from her charms.

Butters has been spayed and is ready for her new home.   We know you will want to enjoy her baby times.   Butters currently resides in Albrightsville, Pennsylvania.   For information about adopting her, please contact Michelle via email        Or visit her Facebook page



Beautiful, friendly and fun-loving, Cinna-Bunny is all personality. He's curious and loves attention. People-friendly, he enjoys being held and pet.

Rescued in January, he is in need of a forever loving home. I am happy to pay the cost of neutering! Cinna-Bunny also comes with an indoor cage, accessories, toys, treats and plenty of food.

He is IN NEED OF A HOME!   Please help give this adorable bunny the life he deserves! Cinna-Bunny is approx 1 yr. old as of June 2017.

Cinna-Bunny currently resides in Princeton, NJ 08540

For information about adopting Cinna-Bunny, please contact Karin via - or phone 732-330-1900



Wallace is litter box trained & loves hay and oxbow pellets. He is very shy, but laid back once he’s relaxed in new company.  So sweet, Wallace will take a treat right out of your hand!  He enjoys organic bananas & lettuces. Wallace needs to be groomed at least once a week due to long hair.  He is a Jersey Wooly/Lionhead mix.

Wallace is 5 yrs. young and just about 5 lbs!  And currently resides in Maplewood, NJ  Please contact Allison via email for more information: email

This is a courtesy listing. You must contact the owner for information about adopting this rabbit. He/she is not a Safe Haven foster rabbit and you will be adopting directly from the owner, not Safe Haven.



Penny is a friendly and sweet young bun who loves to have her ears rubbed! She is an active girl who needs room to run and play, and lots of love and attention.

Penny is a great eater who loves her hay and veggies.   We are guessing that she was born around April 15th, 2018 but as she was found outdoors there is no way to know for sure.   She is about 4 pounds and still growing.  Like most young rabbits, she is not a fan of loud noises or being picked up, but with a little patience and training,  she will be more comfortable with both.

Now that she is on a healthy diet and gotten used to the good life, she is ready for her forever home!   Penny is already spayed and litter-box trained.   She is currently living in North Brunswick, New Jersey.   For more information about Penny, email Caelynn or fill out an application here to adopt.

This is a courtesy listing. You must contact the owner for information about adopting this rabbit.  He/she is not a Safe Haven foster rabbit and you will be adopting directly from the owner, not Safe Haven.

Stormy & Stella

An adorable bonded pair! Stormy is very curious and likes to investigate his surroundings. He loves food and enjoys taking treats by hand. He and his sister, Stella, are a bonded pair, one & a half years old, that love to spend time together and can often be found cuddling. Since they spend so much time together, they are still sometimes shy around people, but do enjoy have their heads and ears petted.

Stormy and Stella currently reside in Mahwah, NJ 07430. They are neutered and spayed and must be adopted together. For information about adopting Stormy & Stella, please contact Veronica by phone: 201-684-1580 or via email: