Bunny Sitting

Need to board your rabbit?

Whether you are going out of town for the holidays or just a weekend. You'll enjoy yourself more knowing your bunny will be cared for by the experts!   Space is limited so do reserve early.   All bunnysitting money goes directly to the care of our fosters.

 Cost is just $18 per day per single bunny or $30 per day per bonded pair!

**Boarding Service Available on a very limit basis.  We are currently not
accepting new clients.    If you have boarded with us before, note that
summer availability is filling quickly.   The following 2018 dates are
already filled:  July 19 through September 7th."

**Bunny camp will be closed Dec 2018  -  February 2019.  **
Thank you!

While at Bunny Camp your rabbit will enjoy:

  • A private exercise pen (no cages here, unless client specifies)
  • Unlimited access to fresh Timothy Hay
  • Fresh green salads served daily
  • Timothy pellets served twice daily
  • A rabbit appropriate bedtime snack
  • Relentless supervision and countless checks (yes, sorry campers, we will be keeping a close eye on you!)
  • Cardboard & newspapers for tearing & digging exercise**
  • Paperbags to hide in (also another great digging spot)
  • And, of course, plenty of fresh water

Salon services (nail clipping, grooming and massages) are available during their stay for additional charges.   Be sure to ask us about them!

** Clients are requested to bring their own litterboxes and are encouraged to bring favorite toys, hidey boxes, or special small rugs.  We find that rabbits who have some of their own things relax very quickly.   And we want them all to feel right at home during their stay!

All rabbits coming in for boarding services must be in good health and bring a current negative fecal test* report.  *Have your vet send the fecal sample to the Lab for testing- in office tests are not accepted.   All rabbits must be free of both internal and external parasites.  Their eyes and noses must be clear and free of discharge or any signs of sneezing or coughing.

Note:  Unaltered rabbits will only be boarded during slow periods - not around holidays or in peak summer months.  We urge all owners to spay/neuter their rabbits for health reasons.