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Whether you need a Special Gift,  birthday gift or remembrance, or just want to bring some cheer to someone or somebun, a Sponsorship Card from one of our Bunnies is the perfect solution!

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Become a part of Maisey’s story by becoming a Sponsor!    Maisey has been our little girl in hiding for a little while.   Brought into Safe Haven’s care on Oct. 9th, 2018 because of a known possible heart problem,  Maisey’s story is just beginning.   At just 6 months of age,  when first being examined for her spay, an abnormally slow heart rate was detected.    The owner decided against further testing due to the expense and surrendered her to Safe Haven to give her the best chance at life.

After a second consultation by our veterinarian,  it was recommended that she be seen by a veterinary cardiologist for an Echocardiogram and we were referred to Red Bank Veterinary Hospital.    So on October 17,  we headed out to Tinton Falls.   Maisey was nervous,  but her main exam was normal.   Heart rate was noted as "in normal range".   But also noted that it  would have been expected to be higher in a normal rabbit while in the hospital environment.

I waited patiently in the lobby while the diagnostic tests were being run.   The Echocardiogram: No structural abnormalities noted. Normal chamber size and function.  (Good news!)  The Electrocaridogram:  No abnormalities detected (heart rate 150-160, normal rhythm)  (more Good news)  and the CBC/chemistry (bloodwork) was mostly normal except for a low white blood cell count and elevated glucose and albumin protein.

So,  while we are thankful no major issues were uncovered,  we still do not have a reason for the slow heart rate.    Based on Maisey's background and inbreeding,   it has been recommended that we just let her mature another six months and then re-evaluate for spaying.   We are hoping with a proper diet,  lots of exercise and just finishing growing up,  Maisey will stabilize and be ready to find her forever family.

In the meantime,   she hopes you will think of her as a perfect bunny to sponsor for the holidays,  loved ones birthdays or for any reason at all.    She would love to hear from you!

Bunsy - Adopted!

Nine months on her own!  Hard to believe a domestic bunny could survive so long.  She did;  although her poor condition, injuries and hunger indicate how much she suffered.   It was November 5, 2018 - one day after our event - that Safe Haven received an email about the rescue of this little bunny.    She had been seen running in the neighborhood since "February or March" and after many attempts was finally caught by two very caring women on Nov. 5th.

The woman who was caring for her told me she "didn't know anything"  about rabbits,  but was quickly falling in love with this "so sweet!"  bunny.    A bunny who was injured and scared,  but knew she was now safe after the horrible experience of being abandoned.   And,  a young woman who was willing to learn how to give her the love and care she so desperately needed.

So,  through talks,  emails and texts "Jessica" got a short course in caring for her new companion.   And,  of course many "is she pooping?"  inquiries.   Since Bunsy was eating well soon the poop followed and all was good.    Next up,  schedule a vet exam to have her and her eye checked out.   Three days after rescue,  Bunsy had her first vet visit.    A fecal dropped off the day before was positive for strongyles,  the left eye seemed to be injured via trauma and infection,  many ticks and a suspicious lump were found.   Bunsy was treated for both the worms and ticks at the office and Jessica was sent home with 2 types of eye drops and a re-check appointment.

I will never understand how someone could just turn any domestic animal loose.   They do not do well.   It is cruel and terrifying for the animal.   A few lucky ones find someone who cares and goes after them.   Many do not.

Bunsy is healing now and so loving despite it all.   She seems grateful to Jessica and is being the best a bunny can be.   Bunsy is scheduled to have her eye checked by a veterinary ophthalmologist on Dec. 12th.  She hopes you will perhaps think she also deserves a Sponsor or two.   And she hopes that will be you!   Please help us help her.

**Updates:   On 12/12/18,  Bunsy visited the Animal Eye Center Of New Jersey where Dr. Holmberg found a corneal ulcer of the left eye.   He recommended a Diamond Burr Keratectomy to debride the edges and promote healing.  The procedure was done that same day.   Bunsy did super well and was sent home with a bandage contact lens,  ofloxacin eye drops, an a follow-up appointment in 3 weeks.   On January 2, 2019,  Dr. Holmberg said she was doing very well and the previous corneal ulcer had completed healed!   There was just a mild scar which was not in her visual axis and should not affect her vision!

Next step would be to have her spayed.  That was done on January 31, 2019 and as of February 1,  2019 she was adopted by her original rescuer and fosterer,   Jessica T.!      Congratulations to both!   And,  thank you to the donors who participated in our facebook fundraiser for her on Giving Tuesday.   That money helped pay for her medical expenses - and Bunsy thanks you too!

Jill - Adopted!

JillSpunky and smart,  Jill especially loves her run time out of the pen!   She has dental issues and requires frequent molar trims,  but having you as a sponsor will help make going to the vet a little more comforting knowing that you care.   Jill truly appreciates your support!

After almost 6 years as a "Special Needs" bunny,   Jill has found a "Very Special Home"!   She was adopted on January 27th, 2019 to very experienced bunny owners whose own bunny 'Max' has the same teeth problems as Jill.    It is hoped that Jill and Max will become great friends and can share their stories.


DannySince losing his beloved "Biggles", Danny is still a little sad, but he is doing ok with the extra attention he loves. (A few treats doesn't hurt either!   Danny would be very happy to hear you are sponsoring him too!


This little cutie pie came to Safe Haven in 2014 with his Momma.   Andy is a super soft little mini-rex boy who would love to receive your Sponsorship!   Andy has frequent bouts of stasis and requires close observation which lessens his chances of adoption.   We know he will show a few extra binkies of joy when he hears you are thinking about him!


"On August 26, 2016 the NJSPCA responded to a tip on their animal cruelty hotline.    Upon arriving at a property what they found was so horrific they immediately called for help.      It was a bunny mill.      Over 200 rabbits were found living in tiny wire cages in sheds with no air conditioning and feces piled everywhere.   The temperature inside the sheds was well over 100 degrees. The stench was horrific."     The NJSPCA put out the cry for help to local rabbit rescues who immediately jumped into action.   Within hours volunteers were on site removing dirty, sick, and injured rabbits from maggot infested boxes to the safety of a carrier bound for a better life.    Rescues from NJ, NY, CT, MD, VA, PA, DE, and even KY stepped up to help these poor animals."

Ursula was rescued from one of those sheds.

A few days later, Ursula's first rescuer noted that she "needs someone experienced" and I brought her home to Safe Haven on August 31st.    The lump I had felt under her dewlap a few days earlier had grown substantially and brought immediate concern.

Update:   Ursula's jaw abscess problems continue to be recurrent, but we are doing the best to keep the abscess at bay.   On October 11, 2018,   she underwent another major surgery to debride the bad and swollen bone to reach the healthy pieces.   She also implanted antibiotic beads.    Ursula continues on Chloramphenicol and Baytril as antibiotics.

Sept. 1, 2004 - July 20, 2018

LiAnne joined the angel bunnies on July 20th.    LiAnne taught us all many things about facing challenges in life as she certainly had many.   But,  she was a very strong bunny with a zest and joy of life.   She lived in my kitchen all her life here due to her health problems,  and because she needed to supervise the "making of the salads".   LiAnne will be greatly missed.    Thank you to all who sponsored her through the years.   Rest in Peace, baby.

This blue-eyed beauty has been with us since 2005.     She now has the distinct title of "Most Senior" here at the rescue. Given a birth date of 9/1/2004, she soon will celebrate her 13th birthday!     LiAnne has had respiratory issues lifelong - mostly due to allergies, and is EC positive, but she does not let that keep her down.     Having a Sponsor would make her very happy and she hopes it will be you!

July 2006-Sept 14, 2017

 Lacey joined the angel bunnies on Sept. 14, 2017.   Rest in Peace little girl.   She was a very special rabbit and will be missed.   Binky on in heaven for all to see!