Sponsorship Program

Whether you need a Special Gift,  birthday gift or remembrance, or just want to bring some cheer to someone or somebun, a Sponsorship Card from one of our Bunnies is the perfect solution!

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JillSpunky and smart,  Jill especially loves her run time out of the pen!   She has dental issues and requires frequent molar trims,  but having you as a sponsor will help make going to the vet a little more comforting knowing that you care.   Jill truly appreciates your support!


DannySince losing his beloved "Biggles", Danny is still a little sad, but he is doing ok with the extra attention he loves. (A few treats doesn't hurt either!   Danny would be very happy to hear you are sponsoring him too!


This little cutie pie came to Safe Haven in 2014 with his Momma.   Andy is a super soft little mini-rex boy who would love to receive your Sponsorship!   Andy has frequent bouts of stasis and requires close observation which lessens his chances of adoption.   We know he will show a few extra binkies of joy when he hears you are thinking about him!

July 2006-Sept 14, 2017

 Lacey joined the angel bunnies on Sept. 14, 2017.   Rest in Peace little girl.   She was a very special rabbit and will be missed.   Binky on in heaven for all to see!


This blue-eyed beauty has been with us since 2005.     She now has the distinct title of "Most Senior" here at the rescue. Given a birth date of 9/1/2004, she soon will celebrate her 13th birthday!     LiAnne has had respiratory issues lifelong - mostly due to allergies, and is EC positive, but she does not let that keep her down.     Having a Sponsor would make her very happy and she hopes it will be you!


"On August 26, 2016 the NJSPCA responded to a tip on their animal cruelty hotline.    Upon arriving at a property what they found was so horrific they immediately called for help.      It was a bunny mill.      Over 200 rabbits were found living in tiny wire cages in sheds with no air conditioning and feces piled everywhere.   The temperature inside the sheds was well over 100 degrees. The stench was horrific."     The NJSPCA put out the cry for help to local rabbit rescues who immediately jumped into action.   Within hours volunteers were on site removing dirty, sick, and injured rabbits from maggot infested boxes to the safety of a carrier bound for a better life.    Rescues from NJ, NY, CT, MD, VA, PA, DE, and even KY stepped up to help these poor animals." 

Ursula was rescued from one of those sheds.

A few days later, Ursula's first rescuer noted that she "needs someone experienced" and I brought her home to Safe Haven on August 31st.    The lump I had felt under her dewlap a few days earlier had grown substantially and brought immediate concern.