A rabbit housed outdoors:
  • Can be killed by many predators including your neighbors dogs or cats, birds of prey, raccoons, bear, or foxes just to name a few.
  • Can be severely injured trying to escape when frightened.  Hutches and wire pens offer no protection.
  • Can be exposed to poisonous plants, toxic pesticides and fertilizers, and diseases spread by the feces of raccoons and feral cats who pass through your yard.
  • Can die from heat stroke.  The summer heat is deadly.   If humidity is high, the heat index can rise to dangerous levels even when the air temperature is only 80°.
  • Can become depressed due to loneliness, isolation, fear and lack of exercise.

Leaving a bunny outdoors, even for a short time on a nice day, increases his chances of both getting overheated and being in contact with flies, fleas and disease-carrying mosquitoes.   The list of outdoor dangerous is long and scary; so we will spare you.   We know you realize by now that the only housing answer is:

"InSide By Your Side"